Episode 17 · April 30th, 2019 · 40 mins 10 secs

About this Episode

Garbage and Gold Episode 17: Prom

Tis the season for maximum teenage angst, beautifully overpriced dresses, and lots of gossip! Join Lindsey and Lisa as they deliberate the garbage and gold of Prom (which includes a surprisingly sordid history). Lindsey instructs Lisa on what it means to be "open for business", Lisa highlights some differences between prom in the south vs prom in the midwest, and one of us has photo evidence of being a beautiful pineapple. Per usual, we share our favorite listener comments AND the results from our Avengers episode! Let's go!

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Show Notes:

00:41 - Avengers Episode Results + Listener Shoutouts
07:03 - Introduction and History of Prom
13:10 - Lindsey Garbage
20:58 - Lisa Garbage
26:23 - Lindsey Gold
30:03 - Lisa Gold
36:53 - Recap and How to Vote
38:34 - Next week's topic

Theme: Fun Times All the Time by Wolves
Transition Music & Sound bites: ASEPresents