Disney Villains

Episode 20 · May 21st, 2019 · 42 mins 21 secs

About this Episode

Garbage and Gold Episode 020: Disney Villains

Turns out the girls love a good villain and Disney has plenty from which to choose! Lindsey and Lisa bond over (more) animated crushes, disagree on what makes a villain garbage, and drop some historical knowledge. Lindsey has some clarifications to make from last week's episode and Lisa might have bitten off more than she can chew with an upcoming competition. The results are in from our Board Game episode results and, as always, we have some dope listener comments! Let's go!

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Show Notes:

00:43 - Recap of Board Games
05:12 - Introduction to Disney Villains
07:55 - Lindsey Garbage
13:00 - Lisa Garbage
19:43 - Lindsey Gold
28:26 - Lisa Gold
37:31 - Recap and how to vote
40:11 - Next week's topic

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