Star Wars Movies

Episode 25 · June 25th, 2019 · 55 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

Garbage and Gold Episode 025: Star Wars Movies

Lisa gets to flex her geek muscles HARD this week with the best and the worst of what the Star Wars univese has to offer for films. Lindsey, being admittedly (and intentionally) uniformed on Star Wars means we have our FIRST EVER GUEST! There's some spirited debate, some hot takes, and lots and lots of nerding between the the ladies and Spencer from Fortress of Nertitude!

Plus, the poll results from the 80s Fashion Trends are in and a couple fresh listener shoutouts.

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Show Notes:

00:38 - 80s Fashion Trends
04:49 - Introduction to Spencer!
07:53 - Introduction to Star Wars Movies
13:14 - Lindsey Garbage
22:00 - Lisa Garbage
29:16 - Lindsey Gold
42:06- Lisa Gold
51:51 - Recap and how to vote
54:00 - Next week's topic

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