Zoo Animals

Episode 27 · July 9th, 2019 · 39 mins 54 secs

About this Episode

Garbage and Gold Episode 027: Zoo Animals

A long distance recap of the results from our Cookouts episode launch Lindsey and Lisa into a surprisingly lively deliberation of zoo animals. Lisa makes up for her latin with an impressive French accent. Lindsey comes in with some seriously impressive research on animals from her childhood dreams of zoology. Spirit animals are proposed. T-shirt slogans drop. This one has extra silliness this week, you guys. Let's go!

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Show Notes:

00:37 - Recap of Cookouts & Poll Results
02:53 - Listener Shoutouts
04:39 - Introduction to Zoo Animals
09:39 - Lindsey Garbage
16:33 - Lisa Garbage
24:37 - Lindsey Gold
29:15 - Lisa Gold
36:48 - Recap and how to vote
38:36 - Next week's topic

Theme: Fun Times All the Time by Wolves
Transition Music: ASEPresents