Episode 38 · September 24th, 2019 · 36 mins 11 secs

About this Episode

Garbage and Gold Episode 038: Hotels

It's another episode about life, this time about the hotel room experience!

Lindsey fails a pop quiz. Lisa shares probably too much about her hotel room habits. And the ladies wish that hotels would be a bit more like Taco Bell. We copyrighted the idea, y'all. Don't even try to take it.

Results from the pizza toppings are in. Listener shoutout to @colebehrends on insta for some AMAZING artwork. And Lindsey refuses to share the names of the people who she argued with on Twitter. #theywhoshallnotbenamed

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Show Notes:

00:40 - Poll Results for Pizza Toppings + Listener Shoutouts
05:20 - Introduction to Hotels
08:56 - Lindsey Garbage
14:24 - Lisa Garbage
22:48 - Lindsey Gold
29:33 - Lisa Gold
32:55 - Recap and how to vote
34:18 - Next week's topic

Intro and Outro Music: Fun Times All the Time by Wolves
Transition Music: by of