Garbage and Gold

Lindsey & Lisa

Lindsey & Lisa


Lindsey is the basic member of Garbage and Gold. If it is stereotypical or cliche she is probably eating it, drinking it or wearing it and loving every second of it.

Lindsey’s areas of expertise? Anything related to how a space looks and “feels”, random movie trivia, the enneagram, Gilmore Girls, the re-reading of books, and anything British.

If you can’t find her shirking her responsibilities through her endless coffee shop visits or Target runs, she’s probably curled up watching Netflix while playing Sudoko on her phone. Or planning her next trip. Or scrolling Insta. (I told you I was basic.)

Lindsey is the one who does significantly less research but states facts as confidentially as if she has read all the things. Because research is boring.

You can find Lindsey as @lindseynuehring on all the social media platforms.


Lisa is what you might lovingly refer to as the nerdy one. She's an armchair expert in board games, video games, 90s rap/hip hop, way too many animated series to keep track of and reader of a lot of books.

If there's magic or dragons involved, she's in.

She rewatches Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition a few times a year and has and Legend of Zelda tattoo on her wrist. This nerd rolls deep.

She's also the one that laughs way too much and has a notable lack of chill.

You can find Lisa on social media (while she's binge watching murder shows) @heylisarenee on all the things.


Lindsey and Lisa met each other about 10 years ago (we're not old shut up) in the majestic metropolis of Minneapolis, MN where they both worked with teenagers. Their paths crossed professionally and made things Friendship Official when they realized they both have WAY too many feelings about WAY too many things and make each other laugh to the point of not being able to breathe.

Oh, and they both really like coffee and wine. So that helped.